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Which is the Best Website Designing and Development Company in Abu Dhabi?

we provide responsive web design services for  Abu Dhabi . Google changes its algorithm regularly. With the rise of smart phone users, mobile-friendliness is the key feature to rank higher in the search engines. If you are planning to create a website that supports only the desktop version then it is not the right decision for your business growth. Your webpage design should have the property of thin fluid. Fluids can change the shape with respect to the container length and breadth. Similarly, your webpage should support all types of devices such as desktops, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, etc

Which is the Best Magento Website Designing Company in Abu Dhabi?

Website Designing attracts visitors, visitors increase conversion, conversion ensures your business growth. In short, the growth of your business depends upon the website designing as it plays the most important role in making or breaking your brand image. As we all know every great journey starts with a single step and building your own website is your first step to cover the journey of miles.

It works as a mirror that reflects your personality to the customers and gives them a reason to get connected with your brand. However, just to save some penny, people take the risk and create their website at own and lack of professionalism may actually cost them the way higher than they even think. Some Website Designing Traps in which people get trapped and simple tips to avoid them.

No Optimization Means, No Growth: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is crucial and people who think they don't need to invest their precious money into it are the one who are in the dicey situation. As if your website is not optimized for search engines that mean it has no presence in the eyes of Google and if anything not visible on Google's first page means there is no way to grow. So, you should start it right away in an order to save your brand value.

So, now you know what are the major slip ups - don't you? Make your path and focus on avoiding them, so, you can attain the goal you want to.

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Which is the Best  WordPress Website Designing Company in Abu Dhabi?

Our core technical expertise is in developing web-based software (web applications). That could mean software as a service (SaaS), or an integrated application that automates your business processes. You might simply call the end result “a website” or “a database”. If building a product is not enough, our inventive design and digital marketing teams can create compelling product identity and bring users who will fall in love with it.

Professional Webdesign

Our aim is to produce low-cost professional websites, which are easy to navigate, great to look at, and – most importantly – which work to increase your company’s presence on the Web! We regularly take over websites whose owners now require a cutting-edge website that will rank them ‘top of the list’ in a competitive climate.

In our digital age, every successful business has a fantastic looking website that is professionally designed, easy to use and practical for users. In fact, having a professionally designed website can make the difference between your business merely existing and being highly successful.

It’s essential to hire the right professionals to build and maintain a website that is specifically designed to suit your needs. Expert Market can help you hire the right web designer for your business by informing you of what to look out for, where to look and who can help you.

Which is the Best  Shopify Website Designing Company in Abu Dhabi?

Trusted Shopify design & build services

Shopify have officially recognised us as the number one agency in the UK. Whether you are looking to take the next step in your e-commerce strategy, ready for a more robust mobile offering or keen to smooth your customer’s checkout journey, we have the experts to improve your online sales.


Our expert in-house design team will build an impressive e-commerce store that is a credit to your brand. Our designs are made for purpose: to increase your ROI, faze your competition and convert your customers.


Regardless of device or location you can be assured of a seamless customer journey, from landing page to checkout, our designers focus on customer conversion via expert user oriented design & build.


Ready to leave an existing service provider such as Magento, BigCommerce or Volusion? As the highest rated Shopify Plus partner, we can guide you and your team to make a seamless transition.


Every business is different, we know there will be custom requirements and integrations that you need included with your website. We have the in-house talent to make your project a success.

Ongoing support

We continue to provide top class support post launch to make sure your store continues to run smoothly through your busiest periods. Any further features, campaigns or updates are covered by our ongoing support programme.

How to Choose Top eCommerce Website Designing Company in Abu Dhabi?

Ecommerce Experience

Fat Media have a wealth of experience in this sector, having worked with both national names such as Lakeland and Typhoo Tea, as well as smaller family-run firms and local businesses.

Our involvement with these brands has included conversion rate optimisation, user experience design, plus the creation of a number of bespoke features and developments.

As a full service agency, we can also offer ongoing support with digital marketing, driving traffic to your new site through tactics such as PPC, SEO, social media and email marketing.

Check out our Portfolio to see some recent eCommerce web design projects, and get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you.

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HTML Website Designing Company in Abu Dhabi

Responsive Web Design in Abu Dhabi

Since the introduction of the first smartphones in 2007, people have increasingly moved away from traditional browsing habits.

At the end of 2013 mobile internet users had overtaken those using more traditional methods such as a desktop computer or laptop. With a multitude of devices and better connection speeds, we can now access the internet from anywhere, instantly.

Benefits of Responsive Design in Abu Dhabi

  •  A responsive website delivers an optimal experience for the device it’s being viewed on, without the need for a separate mobile version.
  •  Responsive websites load faster on mobile devices than standard websites.
  •  It delivers a much better user experience for your clients as it removes the need to zoom in on smaller screens to read text and navigate around the site.
  •  They’re much easier to maintain than a separate mobile version of your website.
  •  Has the potential to reduce bounce rates and improve your position in Google and other search engines.

We don’t believe in charging more for responsive functionality so all our packages include responsive web design as standard.

As well as a creating you a beautiful, hand-coded website that delivers an excellent user experience on all devices, you will also receive the following additional features:

Lazy loading

When our responsive sites are accessed only images visible on screen are initially loaded. Anything off screen will only load once the user scrolls to them on the page.

Adaptive images

To make sites load even faster we’ve added a script that creates optimised images (file size and dimensions) when a device type is detected.

Intelligent menu

To overcome space constraints on smaller devices, the main menu is hidden and replaced with an icon (known affectionately as a burger, due to its appearance). When clicked the menu will display an optimised format.

Fast click

Most smartphones and tablets have a small delay when performing a touch request, which can make websites feel a little slow. The fast click feature removes the delay for a quicker response.

Gesture support

For added interactivity for your users, we’ve added swipe gestures to our animated banners.

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SSL Service Providers in Abu Dhabi

Responsive Web Design : Make sure your website is responsive. More and more people are viewing websites on mobile devices, so it is imperative to accommodate for the majority of users.

Social Media : Make sure you stay in touch with your customers via social media channels. Social media is on the rise and has become an important part of engaging with new and existing customers.

Seo : Make sure your website is optimised for search engines. Utilising the latest techniques we can make sure your website is found by the right people.

Video/Animation : Make sure you engage your customers in different ways. In just a few minutes you can tell a potential customer or client everything they need to know about your company with professional animated video.

Graphic Design : Make sure your branding stands out. In today’s very image driven environment it is important that your business is portrayed in the best possible way.

SSL Certificate Service Providers in Abu Dhabi

Why SSL Gateway?

SSL Gateway combines security and simplicity. OVH configures and deploys your solution in a few minutes and a matter of clicks. Your certificate is renewed automatically to ensure it is always valid. You don’t have to do a thing! OVH’s website security expertise guarantees you the best level of security at all times, adapted to your needs and based on the current standards.

OVH takes care of everything: management, deployment, automatic certificate renewal and security updates.

HTTPS has become the web standard, it has a positive impact on your SEO, guarantees the authenticity of your site, and inspires visitors’ trust in your website.

Get the best security for your website, protect yourself from attacks thanks to OVH anti-DDOS and help build a safer web.

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